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IEEE Xplore

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IEEE Xplore® digital library features journals, conferences and standards from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) as well as the UK’s IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology).  IEEE Xplore contains almost one-third of the world’s current literature in electrical engineering, communications and computer science as well as literature in robotics, biomedical engineering, systems engineering and other related engineering and computer science topics including multi-media.   There is unlimited, full-text PDF access to more than 2 million documents from over 1.7 million authors.  This includes 149 IEEE journals, magazines and transactions, 23 IET journal and magazines, proceedings from over 900 IEEE and IET annual conferences, and 2,000 approved and published IEEE standards in key technology areas.


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Our licensing agreements require that off campus access to most of these electronic resources be limited to students, faculty and staff of The College of New Jersey. However, all resources are available from within the library.