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TCNJ Scholars and TCNJ Digital Archive

TCNJ Library is excited to announce the launch of two new online services. Please see the brief descriptions below then follow the respective links for more information about and links to each service.

TCNJ Scholars
TCNJ Scholars is an online repository that showcases the scholarly output of TCNJ faculty, staff, and students. It provides a central site to collect, manage, and preserve these works, and facilitates access to them by a wide audience, including potential students and faculty, college partners and funding agencies, and other academic colleagues. Examples of works that might be deposited include published articles, conference presentations, and faculty-mentored student works, such as those produced for MUSE or the Celebration of Student Achievement.

For more information about TCNJ Scholars, see

TCNJ Digital Archive
The TCNJ Digital Archive is the online home of the Library’s growing collection of materials digitized from its Archives and Special Collections.  Only a small subset of these materials is currently available online, but more is being added daily. The largest collection currently included is The Signal Archive Online, which contains searchable digitized versions of The Signal from the very earliest issue (1885) through the mid-1970’s.

For more information about the TCNJ Digital Archive, see