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Blocks on Borrowing Privileges

The Library suspends borrowing privileges when circulating library materials are overdue for 4 days, when Reserve materials are overdue, when charges for lost items are not paid in full, an account is expired, or a home and/or e-mail address is defunct.  The borrowing privileges will be reinstated only when all overdue library items are returned and financial obligations resolved.

Unpaid fines and charges may result in blocking a student from registering for the next semester, or receiving grades and transcripts at the end of a semester.  Unpaid fines and charges may also result in blocking the students from graduating if their accounts are still outstanding by the end of a final semester.

Outstanding accounts will also be sent to the collection agency if no attempt to communicate with the Library on a subject, and no remittance of payment is made by the borrower after appropriate notices are sent by the Library.