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Exhibit Policies

Campus individuals and groups are welcome to request permission to mount exhibits in the Library’s exhibit cases located in the Lobby on Level 1. To promote fairness of participation and protection of exhibited items, the following policy governs Library exhibits.

The use of any exhibit case in The College of New Jersey Library must be by bona-fide employees or students of The College of New Jersey.

Prospective exhibitors are required to:

  • Call Office of the Dean at least one month in advance to reserve space for their display. A first come, first served policy is practiced.
  • Gain approval of the exhibit by the Library administration before construction of the exhibit.
  • Submit a memo describing the theme and content of the exhibit two weeks in advance.
  • Coordinate times for move-in and move-out of display. All displays that are not vacated by the agreed time will be thrown away. Storage for display items owned by the exhibitor will not be provided.
  • Include a legible sign acknowledging the individual and/or group responsible for the exhibition.
  • Take responsibility for the content if it generates criticism or protest.
  • Take responsibility for the damage of Library materials used in exhibits.
  • Conclude construction of exhibits at least one hour before the Library closes.

Hazardous Materials

Flammable or combustible waste, liquids, and other hazardous materials are not permitted in the exhibit cases.


  • Adhesive-backed decals are strictly prohibited and cannot be used for any purpose within the exhibit cases.
  • The use of glitter is not permitted.
  • Water and other liquids are not permitted.
  • Alteration of any exhibit cases other than repositioning shelves is strictly prohibited.
  • Any rigging and hanging of loads from the exhibit case’s roofing structure is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of Library books will be subject to borrowing policies.

Library Staff Assistance

The Library staff is not obligated to assist in the assembly of any exhibit and will not be responsible for the outcome of the display.  Furthermore, the Library reserves the right to refuse participation in any exhibit regardless of the parties involved.  The exhibitors will be expected to collect, arrange, and display all materials needed for their particular exhibit.


The exhibitor must submit an itemized list containing the value of all property used in the exhibit.
(This does not include Library-owned items.)

The exhibitors are responsible for their display. Costs related to theft, damage, or any other unforeseen set of circumstances will be absorbed by the exhibitors.


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