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Engineering Databases

Recommended Databases

Compendex / Computerized Engineering Index

Comprehensive interdisciplinary engineering database. Provides citations and abstracts from periodicals, conference proceedings and other sources in many fields including mechanical, civil, chemical, computer and electrical engineering, as well as engineering management. Links are provided to full-text of articles and conference papers in other engineering databases to which TCNJ subscribes.

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Engineering Village

Engineering Village provides access to Compendex (Computerized Engineering Index) and the U.S. P.T.O. (United States Patent and Trademark Office) database.. When entering Engineering Village Compendex is the pre-selected database.

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IEEE Xplore

IEEE Xplore® digital library features journals, conferences and standards from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) as well as the UK’s IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology). IEEE Xplore contains almost one-third of the world’s current literature in electrical engineering, communications and computer science as well as literature in robotics, biomedical engineering, systems engineering and other related engineering and computer science topics including multi-media. There is unlimited, full-text PDF access to more than 4 million documents from over 2 million authors. This includes 184 IEEE journals, magazines and transactions, 26 IET journal and magazines, proceedings from over 1,500 IEEE and IET annual conferences, and 3,400 approved and published IEEE standards in key technology areas. Also included are the Bell Labs Technical Journals and the VDE (Verand der Electrotechnik) Conferences.

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ASCE Library

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Library is the full-text database of ASCE digital content (journals, proceedings, e-books). It contains all journal articles, published by ASCE from 1983 to present, and proceedings, published by ASCE from 2000 to present. It also contains ASCE e-books and standards but TCNJ does not have a subscription/access to these titles.

The ASCE Library can be searched as a stand-alone database or searched along with other sources of civil engineering literature via Compendex (Computerized Engineering Index) which will link out to the full-text in the ASCE Library.

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ASME Library

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Database is comprised of the complete collection of 29 ASME journals with years of coverage being 2000-present except for journals that began after 2000 and ASME Conference Proceedings from 2002 to the present. It also contains ASME e-books but TCNJ does not have a subscription/access to these titles.. Topics covered range from fuel cells, to robotics, to packaging, to medical devices, to heat transfer, to gas turbines and pressure vessel technology.

The ASME Library can be searched as a stand-alone database or searched along with other sources of mechanical engineering literature via Compendex (Computerized Engineering Index) which will link out to the full-text in the ASME Library

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ASTM Compass

ASTM Compass is a database of the 82 volumes of standards produced by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and the ASTM Digital Library Collection of Journals, Special Publications, Manuals/Monographs and Data Series. The 82 volumes of standards are in a process of constant, rotating revision and will be updated online as revised.

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Biotechnology Research Abstracts

Biotechnology Research Abstracts encompasses a wide range of disciplines and provides access to international research on all aspects of biochemical, medical, and microbial technology as applied to bioengineering, medicine, agriculture and environmental science. Major areas of coverage include: genetic engineering and gene therapy; medical technology; imaging; pharmaceuticals; drug delivery and vaccines; tissue engineering, biomechanics, and biomaterials; cell culture, fermentation and process engineering; waste treatment and bioremediation; methodology; agricultural biotechnology; food biotechnology; bioinformatics and computer applications; biosensors; products produced by biotechnological methods

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Provides access to MEDLINE and OLDMEDLINE, the National Library of Medicine’s databases of bibliographic citations and abstracts for the fields of medicine, biomedical engineering, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, health care systems and preclinical sciences. Also provides access and links to the integrated molecular biology databases maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

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Applied Science & Technology Full Text

Indexes and provides citations and abstracts to periodical articles covering engineering, math, physics, computer technology and other sciences.

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Biological & Agricultural Index Plus (Wilson Web)

Indexes periodical articles in agricultural fields including agricultural research, chemicals, economics and engineering. Also covers biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, ecology, genetics, microbiology, physiology, zoology and other related fields.

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Biological Sciences Database

Provides citations with abstracts to research literature in biomedicine, biomedical engineering, zoology, ecology and some aspects of agriculture and veterinary science.

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Related Databases

Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)

Provides citations and abstracts to over 4,000 journals covering most academic areas of study including biological sciences, economics, communications, computer sciences, engineering, language and linguistics, arts and literature, medical sciences, and women’s studies. Approximately two-thirds of the articles are available as full text. Also contains images which can be accessed by clicking on the “image collections” icon.

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ABI/Inform Global

Provides citations with abstracts to articles on business, management, products and industries. Fulltext coverage begins with 1991 for approximately half of the sources indexed.

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ACM Digital Library Portal

The ACM Digital Library Portal provides access to the ACM Digital Library and the Guide to Computing Literature. The Digital Library consists of full-text of all the publications of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). This includes journals, transactions and magazines, conference proceedings, and the SIG (Special Interest Groups) publications.

The Guide is a collection of bibliographic citations and abstracts of works published by ACM and over 3000 other computer science publishers. Included in the Guide are citations to books, journal articles, conference proceedings, doctoral dissertations, master’s theses, and technical reports

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Access World News (NewsBank)

Selected full-text newspaper articles and newswires from the United States and abroad. Access World News is particularly strong in providing access to local, state, regional, and national news.

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ScienceDirect (Elsevier)

Access is provided to the full text of over 600 titles published by Elsevier. Coverage is primarily in the chemical, biological, and health sciences, but journals from the social sciences are also included. A green page icon next to the journal title indicates full text availability.

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A full text, full image archive of over 120 journals. Coverage of journals generally begins with their first volume and is updated to within three years of the current issue. Allows keyword searching of the full text of all articles, as well as browsing of particular journal issues. Subject strengths are African-American studies, anthropology, Asian studies, ecology, economics/finance, general science, history, literature, math/statistics, philosophy, political science, population/demography, and sociology.

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Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder)

Covers Chemical Abstracts’ databases such as CAplus from 1907 to the present and Medline from 1946 to the present.. It is the premier database for searching the chemical literature and patents. This database also provides access to key journals in the sciences and engineering such as those journals available from Wiley, Springer, the American Chemical Society (ACS) and those in Elsevier’s ScienceDirect. Apart from coverage in all areas of chemistry and chemical engineering, it includes chemical aspect in Agricultural Sciences, Biology and Life Science, Engineering, Food Sciences, Geological Sciences, Material Sciences, Medical Sciences, Physics and Polymer Sciences.

Unlike other databases at TCNJ, SciFinder Web requires pre-registration at the following URL to obtain an ID and PW.

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General Science Full Text (Wilson Web)

Provides citations, abstracts, and selected full text from periodical articles in many science fields including biology, chemistry, environmental science, nutrition, genetics, math, health, physics, physiology and zoology.

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MathSciNet: Mathematical Reviews on the Web

MathSciNet is a comprehensive database, created and maintained by the American Mathematical Society, covering the world’s mathematical literature since 1940. It includes subject indexing of recent and forthcoming mathematical publications, as well as reviews or summaries of articles and books that contain new contributions to mathematical research. Approximately 1700 current serials and journals are reviewed in whole or in part. Links to full text in databases such as JSTOR and Science Direct are available for some articles.

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Physical Sciences / Engineering Librarian

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