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FBIS Daily Reports 1941-1974

FBIS Daily Reports 1941-1974

Dates Covered & Contents:

FBIS Daily Reports, 1941-1974 offers researchers primary source accounts of international economic, environmental, military, political, and social events. It contains first-hand news coverage translated by experts from the original language (e.g., Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Russian and many others) into English. Media represented include foreign radio and television news broadcasts, news agency transmissions, newspapers, periodicals, and government statements. These are the reports American diplomats and other U.S. decision makers relied on to understand major events as they unfolded around the globe. Just a few of the topics covered by FBIS include World War II and the Axis powers; the final stages of European colonialism in sub-Saharan Africa; the first decades of apartheid in South Africa; the emergence of postcolonial Arab countries; the creation of Israel; the Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall; the Suez and Cuban Missile crises; the Korean War and Vietnamese Conflict; and the superpowers’ Space Race. FBIS is the premier TCNJ Library database for researchers looking to find primary sources about the first decades of the Cold War from a foreign (non-U.S.) perspective.


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