Staff Directory

Subject Librarians are available for research consultations and instruction.

Name Ext. Dept. Title E-mail
Ackerman, Erin 3352 Public Services Social Sciences Librarian
Bennett, Terrence 2105 Public Services Business/Economics Librarian
Carmy, Dina 2968 Access Services /Reserves Principal Library Assistant
Clark, Susan 3482 Access Services Library Assistant
Cowell, Amanda 2159 Public Services Emerging Technologies Librarian
Crawley, Maurice 2428 Access Services Principal Library Assistant
D’Apice, Andrew 3238 Access Services Head of Circulation
Davis, Dolores 2037 Interlibrary Loan Part-Time Library Assistant
Dempf, Linda 2721 Public Services Music & Media Librarian
Ells, Katy 3235 Media Services Technical Library Assistant/ Media Supervisor
Ey, Irene 3365 Cataloging Part-Time Librarian
Ferdetta, Jean 2425 Acquisitions Principal Library Assistant
Frackowski, Marlena 2829 Administration Assistant Dean for Technical Services
Geonnotti, Kimberly 3328 Acquisitions Library Bookkeeper
Gorman, Maureen 2263 Public Services Assistant Director for Public Services/Life Sciences Librarian
Immordino, Anthony 3194 Cataloging Principal Library Assistant
Kirton, Beverly 3194 Cataloging Principal Library Assistant
Krumins, Peter 2431 Acquisitions Senior Library Assistant
Leggett, Sharon 2037 Interlibrary Loan Principal Library Assistant
Link, Forrest 2412 Acquisitions Acquisitions Librarian
Marks, Judy 3370 Acquisitions Senior Library Assistant
Martin, Angeline 2690 Acquisitions Part-Time Library Assistant
Maziarz, Elizabeth 2028 Interlibrary Loan Principal Library Assistant
Mi, Jia 2429 Public Services Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian
Oliver, John 2418 Public Services Information Literacy Librarian
Pavlovsky, Taras 2332 Administration Dean of the Library
Pezzullo-Bizon, Louise 3482 Access Services Senior Library Assistant
Rainey, Paula 2433 Administration Program Assistant
Reichert, Kumiko 2599 Cataloging Part-Time Librarian
Roe, Lisa 2417 Reference Part-Time Librarian
Rowcotsky, Ellen 2599 Cataloging Principal Library Assistant
Sewell, Bethany 2405 Access Services/Public Services Access Services and Reference Librarian
Shivers, Sharon 2332 Administration Office Manager, Dean’s Office
Shu, Kitty 2690 Cataloging Principal Library Assistant
Tosaka, Yuji 2156 Cataloging Cataloging/Metadata Librarian
Tucci, Valerie 2016 Public Services Physical Sciences/Engineering Librarian
Wang, Yongming 3337 Systems Systems Librarian
Weng, Catherine 2491 Cataloging Head of Cataloging
Wittik, Ann 2771 Acquisitions Technical Library Assistant
Zane, Marci 3296 Public Services Education Librarian

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