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Food and Drink Policy

The R. Barbara Gitenstein Library is committed to creating a clean, comfortable environment conducive to study and intellectual pursuit. This policy achieves a balance between Library users’ social needs and the need to preserve and protect the Library’s collections, furnishings and equipment. With this in mind, reasonable limits are in effect in regards to food and drink. Food and drink are permitted in the Library according to the following guidelines:

Snack food is permitted in the library outside of the cafe area as long as it cannot cause damage to library materials, furnishings or equipment. Anything that can spill, drip or stain, is hot or aromatic, or is intended for consumption by more than one person is not permitted. Liquids must be in containers with secured lids (no single-use cups). The final determination of whether food is permissible rests with library employees.

Please Note: The Library Café is the only dining area in the building. This policy explicitly limits the consumption of all non-snack items and all drinks that do not have secured lids, whether sold by the Library Café or not, to the Café.


No food or drink (other than water bottles) is permitted in the following areas of the library:

• Near Library computers, including in the computer labs

• Near photocopiers, printers, scanners, or microform readers/printers

• Media workstations and equipment

• Within the Library bookstack areas

• In the Library Auditorium


Please help keep the Gitenstein Library clean and free of unwanted pests for all Library users by disposing of waste in the trash and recycling receptacles located throughout the Library. Make a clean and pleasant library environment your responsibility. If you accidentally spill something, please clean up immediately (paper towels are available in all restrooms). Please report significant spills or messes to the library staff right away.


Determination of what food is appropriate for consumption in the Library is at the discretion of the Library employees. When in doubt, please ask a Library employee for assistance. Library employees will ask any user who is in violation of the policy to take the items to the appropriate areas to consume or discard them. Any patron who refuses to comply with the policy will be asked to leave the Library.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping the Library environment clean and comfortable.

Last revised 9/3/19


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