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Staff Directory

Subject Librarians are available for research consultations and instruction.

Name Ext. Dept. Title E-mail
Ackerman, Erin 609-771-3352 Public Services Assistant Director for Public Services / Social Sciences Librarian
Austin, Sharon 609-771-2037 Interlibrary Loan Technical Library Assistant
Bennett, Terrence 609-771-2105 Public Services Business/Economics Librarian
Brown, Carly 609-771-3328 Acquisitions Principal Bookkeeper
Carmy, Dina 609-771-2968 Access Services /Reserves Principal Library Assistant
Cowell, Amanda 609-771-2159 Public Services Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Web Design Librarian
Crawley, Maurice 609-771-2028 Access Services Technical Library Assistant
D’Apice, Andrew 609-771-3238 Access Services Head of Circulation
Dempf, Linda 609-771-2721 Public Services Music & Media Librarian
Dillon, Larissa 609-771-2599 Cataloging and Metadata Principal Library Assistant
Dziedzic-Elliott, Ewa 609-771-3296 Public Services Education Librarian
Frackowski, Marlena 609-771-2829 Administration Assistant Dean for Technical Services
Hilliard, Tabitha 609-771-3365 Cataloging and Metadata Principal Library Assistant
Immordino, Anthony 609-771-3194 Cataloging and Metadata Principal Library Assistant
Jefferson, Rebeca 609-771-2263 Public Services Health and Life Sciences Librarian
Karwowska, Joanna 609-771-2428 Access Services Senior Library Assistant
Kirton, Beverly 609-771-3194 Cataloging and Metadata Principal Library Assistant
Link, Forrest 609-771-2412 Acquisitions Acquisitions Librarian
Marks, Judy 609-771-3370 Acquisitions Senior Library Assistant
Mi, Jia 609-771-2429 Public Services Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian
Morris, Lisa 609-771-2428 Circulation Principal Library Assistant
Murray, David 609-771-3217 Public Services Humanities Librarian
Oliver, John T. 609-771-2418 Public Services Information Literacy Librarian
Pavlovsky, Taras 609-771-2332 Administration Dean of the Library
Pezzullo-Bizon, Louise 609-771-3482 Acquisitions Senior Library Assistant
Rainey, Paula 609-771-2433 Administration Program Assistant
Robinson, Katy 609-771-3235 Printing and Design Services Supervisor of Printing and Design Services
Roe, Lisa 609-771-2417 Public Services Part-time Reference Librarian
Schiff, Deb 609-771-2284 Archives Archivist and Special Collections Librarian
Sewell, Bethany 609-771-2405 Access Services/Public Services Access Services and Reference Librarian
Shellenbarger, Kerin 609-771-2284 Archives Part-time Archivist
Shu, Kitty 609-771-2425 Acquisitions Technical Library Assistant
Tosaka, Yuji 609-771-2156 Cataloging and Metadata Cataloging/Metadata Librarian
Wallace, John 609-771-2417 Public Services Part-time Reference Librarian
Wang, Yongming 609-771-3337 Systems Systems Librarian
Wittik, Ann 609-771-2771 Acquisitions Technical Library Assistant



R. Barbara Gitenstein Library
The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628


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