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Technical Services

TCNJ Library Technical Services keep the collections vital and up to date by procuring new library materials and organizing them. These materials may be found easily and conveniently in the library’s electronic environment. The Acquisitions, Cataloging and Systems Departments work in tandem to provide essential library services in ways that are efficient, accurate, and innovative.

  • TCNJ Library Acquisitions Department orders, pays for, checks in, and processes incoming library materials (609.771.2771).
  • TCNJ Library Cataloging Department ensures access to library materials by cataloging them for inclusion into the Library’s online public access catalog (OPAC). The Cataloging Department is a participant in the New Jersey NACO Funnel project. TCNJ Library Cataloging Department’s policies and procedures can be found here.
  • TCNJ Library Systems Department provides electronic access to materials through the maintenance of the integrated library system (ILS) as well as other essential library-related technologies. The Systems Department keeps abreast of field-wide innovations, and serves as an intermediary between librarians/patrons and the technologies that power modern library operations. For more information, see the TCNJ Library Systems Web page or contact Yongming Wang(609.771.3337), Systems Librarian.