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Early American Newspapers, Series I

Early American Newspapers, Series I

Dates Covered & Contents:

Early American Newspapers (EAN), Series 1, 1690-1876 consists of 730 digitized historic American newspapers dating from the advent of the newspaper medium in 1690 through 1876. This critical primary source collection will be useful to anyone interested in researching, for example, the North American British colonies, the formation of the Atlantic World, the American Revolution, and the Early Republic including Antebellum slavery, among many other historical topics. Coverage is national, regional, and local; includes rural areas, small towns, and major urban centers (e.g., Philadelphia). The most frequent users of this database will be history and African American Studies majors as slavery and related themes were widely covered by the mainstream press of the day. Also of great interest to English majors looking for historical reviews and coverage of major literary figures, Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) majors, and art students seeking early American newspaper illustrations.


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