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Dates Covered & Contents:

(Dates vary, some content updated daily)  Statista is a statistics portal that provides access to data from more than 18,000 sources. Results from customized search queries include lists of statistics, as well as studies and reports (including, in some cases, completed PowerPoint presentations) that place these statistics within a broader context. All data and statistics can be exported as PDFs or Excel files. Additional features include infographics; revenue forecasts on more than 400 industries; extensive coverage of the international digital economy; and “Statistic Dossiers” – comprehensive reports on specific subjects. A brief “How to use Statista” video is available here.


  • Available for users on the TCNJ Campus.
  • Authorized TCNJ users who are off-campus will need to login with their TCNJ username and password after selecting a database, or dial directly into the network. More »
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